5 fun ways to use digital papers

While digital papers are most often used for paper crafts, scrapbooking, junk journals, and the like, they can be used for lots of other things.

I’ve had fun over the years using the digital papers in my stash for all kinds of things, usually just on a random whim.

I decided to share some of my favorites here for anyone new to the digital paper world who would like a few new ideas! :)

But first, let me address the sometimes-elephant-in-the-room: Printing. Digital papers & junk journal pages are all usually VERY colorful...they are entire pages full of saturated colors (like these or these or these)...so printing them can seem daunting, I know. "Digital papers" were first created to be used in digital scrapbooking, where you'd design entire layouts digitally and then send the files to a printer to print them for you. Soon people started printing the pages themselves at home to use in crafts. When I first started collecting & making digital papers myself, I rarely printed them because - ack - printer ink prices! But these days, I print a lot & all the time thanks to Instant Ink, a service by HP where you pay a small monthly price & they send you ink as you need it & you can print all you want. I did a post about Instant Ink, here. (It's not sponsored or anything like that, I'm just a huge fan.) (But hey, HP, if you'd LIKE to sponsor the site & send printers & paper & ink, I'd totally be down for that...just sayin'... ;) )

Use printed digital paper as wrapping paper

This one has been a lot of fun. Of course you’d just want to wrap a small present so the sheet of paper will fit around it, but otherwise it’s really enjoyable to use unique papers to wrap gifts.

Use printed digital paper for shopping lists & notepads

Despite all the digital notes & lists I make all the time, I still like to write things out on regular paper. Years ago I started printing out some favorite digital papers & using those instead of plain paper, using pretty clips to hold pieces together. It’s quick & easy to make pretty “notepads” this way.

Use printed digital paper to make Christmas ornaments

A couple of years ago I had an old ornament that was falling apart & most of its decor had come off…so I got the idea to cover it with a printed paper. It looked really cute, so I made a couple more. It was a great way to “freshen up” old baubles (and I can change the paper whenever I might want to). This would be a lot of fun for kids to do, too!

Use printed digital paper for custom bookmarks

I’m always reading more than one book, and one time I could not find my bookmarks when I needed one. I eyed my digital paper & a new habit was born, lol! I just print a paper, fold in half, glue, and trim to whatever size I want. I also save pieces of papers that I’ve used in other projects & glue them together into bookmarks every so often.

Of course, now I have way more than I’d ever need…but I can change them out for seasons, holidays, etc! Woohoo! :)

Use printed digital paper as wall art

This is probably my favorite thing to do! This works especially well for horizontally-aligned journal pages that have full designs on each page…print, cut, and frame the pages like any other digital wall art! This makes it very easy to change out decor for all kinds of holidays and occasions.

And it lets me look at my favorite pages a lot more often! :)

A few examples of digital papers here in the shop…

I hope you enjoyed these…happy digital papering! :)