Happy National Scrapbook Day 2022!

As if any of us need an additional reason to break out all the paper and scissors and stickers and glue and ink and…!

Cue the hand-punched confetti, because May 7, 2022 is the official National Scrapbook Day this year.

Happy National Scrapbook Day 2022

What is National Scrapbook Day?

It’s a day to celebrate scrapbooking, in any/all ways that you do it, and to find all kinds of wonderful sales on scrapbook goodies.

I’m running a sale here & on Etsy, and I’ll have some freebies for you on May 7!

When did National Scrapbook Day start?

It was first celebrated in 1994.

Who started National Scrapbook Day?

It is credited to the Creative Memories Foundation.

Did you know…

Scrapbooking was around all the way back into the 1800s!

How can I celebrate National Scrapbook Day?

That’s an easy one…do some scrapbooking! :) Then share it on social media (use hashtags #NSD, #iNSD, #nationalscrapbookday) so other enthusiasts can enjoy your creations.

Consider yourself a “junk journaler” and not a scrapbooker? There’s an easy fix…just add a photo or two to a journal page and voila…you’re a scrapbooker!

Also, you can watch the wonderful movie New In Town, starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr, as it’s got some of the funniest, and sweetest, scrapbook scenes ever!

A scrapbook scene from the movie New In Town.

It’s a fun romantic comedy that is perfect to watch while crafting…which is exactly what I think I’ll do. I’ll fire up that movie & settle in to make a layout or two.

Happy National Scrapbook Day!