How to assemble the mini booklets

The mini booklets are SO dang cute and even better, SO dang quick & easy to assemble! I created them for a project I was working on; the goal was to make a small book as fast & easy as I could. They turned out so well that I knew I had to put them in my shops (and eventually make them in All The Designs).

Here is how you put them together, featuring the Winter Days design. I thought photos would be helpful. Want a video? Scroll to the end – I made a (really) short one that shows how to put it all together.

How to assemble the mini booklets by Moonsteam Design Studio

What you’ll need:

  • One of the mini booklet kits (either from here or on Etsy), pages printed & items cut out
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Stapler

First, Cut out all the items

It’s just faster to have everything cut out at the start:

The three signatures (rows), the inside endpapers (the two-image piece), and the cover.

Fold the pages (signatures)

Take one of the signatures:

Turn it back side up:

Fold the two ends toward the middle:

Glue each end down.

Then fold it all in half:

Repeat with the other two signatures.

Next, Fold the cover

Take the cover piece:

Turn it back side up:

Fold the top and bottom flaps in:

Fold the side flaps in:

Turn it over to see the outside of the cover:

Fold in half:

Here is the back of the cover (and you can see where I didn’t fold exactly on the lines, hahaha!):

Open it back up, and you’ll have the inside cover looking like this; you can glue the flaps down if you prefer:

The reason for the folding of the flaps in this way, and also the folding of the signatures, is to have the edges of the cover & each “page” be a nice folded edge.

But you don’t want the inside cover to stay like that…so let’s now attach the end papers to the inside of the cover.

Take the end papers piece and align them on the inside of the cover, covering up the folded pieces:

Glue them down then fold the whole thing, and then you have a completed cover:

Next, take your three signatures, open them in the middle, and lay them on top of each other in the order you prefer:

Carefully hold the whole thing and turn it over. Grab your stapler, and line it up on the outside of the cover, on the spine, and staple it all together:

I stapled twice, but do it however you prefer:

And then, voila! Mini booklet done! 🙂

Watch me assemble one

Here’s a video of me assembling one of the booklets…this is a quickie so you can see just how simple the whole process is (although ok, I fiddle with the folds several times, hahaha):

So many uses!

I’m planning to use them all year for things like gratitude journals, favorite memories, etc. They will also work great on gifts as a fancy tag, or a way to add an extra note to a gift, anything like that (for Christmas, I’m going to use them as ornaments…can’t wait!).

These will be available in a huge variety of designs & will be added to the shops (here & on Etsy) all year! 🙂

I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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