Junk Journal Inspired Digital Notebooks
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Junk Journal Inspired Digital Notebooks!

While I love doing actual paper crafting and creating all kinds of pretties with printable junk journal items, I also love doing digital planning on my iPad. And since I love all my junk journal kits, I wanted to use a lot of them in my digital planners & notebooks, too. So I’m turning most of my kits into digital notebooks and planners!

I started doing digital planning in 2019 & created a bunch of items that I had up for sale. But I just could not stop designing junk journal items, so planner stuff got pushed aside. I took the planner items items out of my shop, since I wasn’t really working with them any more.

But not any more…hahaha! I am again hooked on digital items & digital notebooks in particular.

What is a digital notebook?

A digital notebook is just a fancy name for a PDF file that you use with certain apps on your iPad/tablet (or phone, or even desktop computer, but really a tablet is ideal – with a stylus). It can have a plain cover (or no cover) & just be blank pages. If you use the Goodnotes app, you can create lots of plain notebooks to play around with.

But why use a plain digital notebook…when you can use PRETTY digital notebooks? 😀

What about digital planners?

Digital planners are the same as digital notebooks except they have premade “planner pages” in them. Monthly, weekly, daily, etc. I’ve made some & used some, but I’ve found that I use digital notebooks a lot more than digital planners. I prefer to doodle throughout the day & make random notes & what have you…basically, a sort of quasi daily journal/scrapbook kind of thing.

Digital scrapbooking-journaling on the iPad

I will go more in-depth with this at a later date, but I’ve ended up doing what is essentially daily (or near-daily) digital scrapbooking/journaling in my digital notebooks, and it’s the best of all worlds for me. I write out my daily to-dos, reminders, etc, and then I end up adding in perhaps a photo or two of something significant from the day, little reminders of fun things, etc.

I’m going to experiment more with the whole idea then write more about it…like what’s the best way to print the pages later on, how to save them/archive them, etc.

But no matter what, I’m loving the digital form of my junk journal designs.

I’m turning my junk journal pages into digital notebooks

A few months ago I started wanting to use my junk journal printables in my digital notebooks…I’d started trying out ideas for decorating the notebooks, and I realized that my junk journal pages were *exactly* what I wanted to have on my screen. So I started redoing my digital notebooks to be all prettied-up and fun to use each day, and I started using all my various planner stickers I’d made in the past.

Some samples of one of the notebooks (the images are screenshots from my iPad, using the Goodnotes app):

This is an example cover for the digital notebook.
This is an example cover for a digital notebook created from my “Reading in the Garden” set.

The notebook will come with a few other covers & I’ll create some how-tos for how to use it, change them out, etc. You can write on the covers, add stickers, etc.

Here's an image of one of the sample digital notebook pages I'm playing around with.
Here’s an image of one of the sample pages I’m playing around with.

And since my “old” planner stickers work great with my new shabby chic notebooks, I realized it was time to offer all the stickers again so they’re ready to go with the upcoming notebooks (and planner items, too, as I realize not everyone is a doodler like me, and lots of people prefer the structure of planner pages).

Here are some random stickers put onto a digital notebook page:

This is how the digital stickers look on one of the new digital notebook pages.

I’m having so much fun playing with everything! I will get the first notebooks into the shop very soon just in case anyone else out there loves this kind of stuff as much as I do, hahaha.

And P.S. – I’m not saying digital notebooks should replace regular paper crafting…oh no, not by a long shot. I’m happy to have another outlet for playing with all the beautiful junk journal items in the world…I want them all as paper items AND digital items and…all the things! 🙂

So many fun things to create with, so little time…hahaha. Who’s with me? 😀

Happy creating!


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