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New junk journal kit: Moody Florals

Ever since I made the kit “Snowy Florals” late last year, I’ve been dying to use it for various projects. Well, here we are in spring, and I’m just now getting around to starting on my list of projects, hahaha. I really wanted to use Snowy Florals, but…the snow doesn’t go with what I’m working on! So I said well heck, I’ll just redo the set but without snow. 🙂

So Snowy Florals is now available sans snow as “Moody Florals”…it’s got a perfect dark academia vibe. Love!

Moody Florals Junk Journal Kit by Moonsteam Design Studio
The printed pages of the Moodly Florals kit by Moonsteam Design Studio
A sample page from the Moody Florals Kit by Moonsteam Design Studio
The printed ephemera pages from the Moody Florals kit

I’ve got different colored word sets in the shop now, too…I made them in Parchment, Platinum, and Midnight specifically to work with Snowy Florals (and now Moody Florals) as well as my other gothicy sets.

Ok I need a time turner so I can have more time to work on projects! Hahaha. I know it can’t be just me. 🙂

Happy creating,


Moody Florals on Etsy

Snowy Florals on Etsy

Platinum Words

Midnight Words

Parchment Words

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