Let’s plan all the things! And amass all the digital stickers!

Hello hello! I’m glad you found me!

I was on Etsy for years, then I wasn’t (and now I’m back on there), but I had always planned to keep offering my digital paper packs & lots more art prints & mugs & other printed items. I was mulling over bringing back my printed planner stickers, too:

My tropical stickers as they first began life, as actual physical/printed stickers for paper planners (sold at my original online shop Moonsteam Design Studio)…these are now digital stickers available here.

But then a few months ago, I discovered DIGITAL PLANNING! 

Digital stickers!

Digital pretties!

I can use all the stickers over and over forever!

*Sticker addiction intensifies*…

These are my bright green “New Growth” digital stickers (available in the shop) randomly stuck all over a notebook in Goodnotes…because who needs a pre-lined/designed digital planner when one can just stick stickers all over the page? Wheee!

I mean seriously. As a gal who has loved stickers since the 80s (yes, I’m Old), I think my eyes bulged out & little hearts popped up all around my head when I discovered digital stickers.

I’ve always loved & collected stickers…but I never actually “used” them that much, just kept them on the little sheets they came on, because I could not bear to stick them somewhere & that was that.

Commitment issues? I might have a few. 😉

But now, with digital stickers…I can collect them all, I can use & REUSE them all as much as I’d like. Wheee! 🙂 

So the relaunched Moonsteam Design Studio is all about the digital planning & digital stickers…oh and digital art prints (I still love those too) and printed mugs & more…but stickers. Just let me make & play with more stickers, and life is good.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you can join me now & then to plan all the things & play with all the stickers. 🙂


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