Product Spotlight: Gorgeous purple florals junk journal kit!

Amethyst Florals is my favorite! Ok, I think every kit I create is my favorite. But really, this time I mean it!

Well ok, this one is a favorite too…and this one…and this


But truly, I love this kit because of the range of purple shades, the types of flowers, and the purple with green. I LOVE purple and green together, and when I found all these gorgeous purple flowers I was inspired to make a kit with just purple…and I didn’t realize how much I’d love it until I made the first page, and then that was it. *Insert all the heart eyes!*

Amethyst Florals Junk Journal Kit by Moonsteam Design Studio

What’s in the kit

This kit has 10 horizontal pages bursting with purple flowers and bits of ephemera backgrounds and other accents + 5 pages of ephemera.

I am using it for printed projects as well as in digital planning/notebooks because I just want the designs on everything. I know I’ll purple myself out at some point, but I’m ok with that, hahaha!

And speaking of purple…


Well, I do wish I lived in a castle, so I guess it’s natural that I love purple! 🤣 #junkjournal #papercrafting #purple #ephemera #journaling

♬ Sugarsweet – Zach Sorgen

Ok time for me to go play with the kit…er, I mean, get some work done… ;)

Happy purple journaling! :)