Remembering 80s stickers

I wrote before about how excited I was to discover digital planning and its best bit, digital stickers, because I’d grown up loving stickers as a kid.

After I wrote that, I thought about my old stickers, and how I used to love going to Spencer’s in the mall to gaze at all the stickers for sale…rows of stickers on spools, in packages, all over. Oh and stickers at the Hello Kitty store, and stickers just randomly for sale all over…

If you hung out at malls in the 80s, you probably know what I’m talking about. 🙂 (If you didn’t, that’s ok…a similar experience can be had at Michael’s stores these days…lots & lots of stickers!)

So I decided I had to pull out my old sticker book & reminisce…

This poor old thing has survived…since…

1983! Christmas of 1983, hahaha.

And inside…I didn’t use up all the spaces, just added in random stickers…I didn’t fill it up because I just didn’t hardly ever stick my stickers anywhere, because I didn’t want to use them up! So when I had more than one of a certain sticker, I would add it to the book.

These holographic stickers were always my favorites!
I loved Lisa Frank stickers…but ok, who didn’t? 😉
Hehehe, I cut heart stickers in half to make little bikinis for the bears! LOL!
Pac Man stickers. 🙂

All this looking at old stickers has me wanting to create some digital ones based on the old styles…

I’m on it. 😀

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